Haworth Collection
  • Dalia, Ginger Ale, GranTorino HB

    Dates: 09 Jul, 2015

    Learn more about Dalia, Ginger Ale, and GranTorino HB.

  • NeoCon 2014

    Dates: 09 Jun, 2014

    Haworth Collection is pleased to announce the addition of three new products: Dalia, Ginger Ale, & GranTorino HB (all order acceptable in Fall 2014). Explore the combination of Haworth Collection products in the Haworth Showroom at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Learn more about the NeoCon showroom & products here.

  • Windowseat wins Architizer A+ Award

    Dates: 03 Apr, 2014

    Windowseat has won an A+ Award from Architizer (product category | products + work). The award program has over 60 categories and over 200 jurors. Winners are selected based on excellence in the following categories: Form, Function, Innovation, Intent, & Reality. Click here to view the other winners.

  • Haworth Collection | Official Provider of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival

    Dates: 06 Mar, 2014

    In January, Haworth Collection furnished the Media Center - an exclusive, branded media lounge for celebrities, filmmakers, set designers, photographers, and accredited press. Click here to view more photos and click "More" to view a video from the event.

  • Design Milk Sits Down With Giulio Cappellini

    Dates: 07 Jan, 2014

    See Giulio talk about his firm's relationship with Haworth, the importance to dream, and his advice to young designers here

  • Experience a day in the life of Mike & Maaike, designers of Windowseat

    Dates: 11 Dec, 2013

    Check out the video here: Mike & Maaike

  • We are pleased to announce that Windowseat has won Interior Design's 2013 Best of Year award (Seating: Residential/Lounge).

    Dates: 09 Dec, 2013

  • Impressions of Windowseat

    Dates: 08 Jul, 2013

  • A Chair That Shields You From Snooping Coworkers

    Dates: 08 Jul, 2013

    Read more at fastcodesign.com

  • The Best Seat in the House: Windowseat by Mike and Maaike For Haworth – DesignMilk.com

    Dates: 13 Jun, 2013

    The chair is part of their Haworth Collection, a fairly new versatile line of high-quality products that works for both home and office. Read more...

  • Architectural Elements Used to Create the Versatile Windowseat Lounge – Pursuitist.com

    Dates: 13 Jun, 2013

    The Windowseat Lounge was designed by San-Francisco-based Mike & Maaike as an exploration of “the idea of sub-architectural space, creating a room-within-a-room complete with its own unique perspective.” Read more...

  • Mike & Maaike's Windowseat Featured on Dezeen.com

    Dates: 13 Jun, 2013

    The chair was designed for contract furniture brand Haworth Collection and launched today at the NeoCon trade fair in Chicago. Read more...


  • NeoCon 2013

    Dates: 07 Jun, 2013

    Meaningful Spaces For You

    Join us this year at NeoCon as we explore how different workstyles and modes of collaboration impact our work environments. We are excited to share our research on the ways we work and how inspiring and meaningful spaces can promote productivity, energy and success.

    Learn more...

  • Collaborate provides seating at tribute dinner for President Gerald R. Ford

    Dates: 08 May, 2013 – 01 Jan, 2014

    The Haworth Collection's Collaborate seating adorned the stage during a tribute dinner for President Gerald Ford on what would have been his 100th birthday. The tribute, held Monday, May 6, was organized by the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation and included several members of Ford's staff.

    The Centennial Birthday Celebration tribute dinner featured light hearted remembrances by Dick Cheney, former vice president of the United States and President Ford's chief of staff; Ben Stein, White House speechwriter during the President Richard Nixon and Ford administrations; Bob Schieffer, a CBS White House correspondent during the Ford presidency; and Steven Ford, son of President Ford.

    The evening's guests also included former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Lt Gen Brent Scowcroft who served as National Security Advisor for both Ford and President George H.W. Bush, and many others who served alongside Ford.

    The four men on stage swiveled on the Collaborate chairs as they traded stories about Ford, highlighting his sense of warmth, athleticism, and courage. Most of the anecdotes, however, had the audience laughing along with Ford's former colleagues and son.

    “President Ford was from West Michigan before becoming a world leader,” said Kim Moran, Haworth Collection Marketing Manager. “It was a honor for the Haworth Collection to have been a part of this heartwarming tribute to a beloved American president.”

  • How West Michigan furniture company drove sales, brand awareness at Detroit Auto Show

    Dates: 27 Jan, 2013 – 31 Jan, 2014

    Haworth made its first appearance at the North American International Auto Show, which may have some wondering why the Holland furniture office maker decided to come on board as a sponsor. Read more on mlive.com

  • Automobile Enthusiasts Bring the Opulence of a Maserati to the Office

    Dates: 14 Jan, 2013 – 31 Jan, 2014

    DETROIT – January 14, 2013 – The Haworth Collection provided a timeless lounge environment at The 2013 Gallery, the North American International Auto Show’s (NAIAS) premier VIP experience.  The Gallery, which kicks-off the 2013 NAIAS, showcased more than 25 luxury vehicles and included a strolling pre-glow dinner by renowned Chef Wolfgang Puck as well as a post-glow fashion event.  The Haworth Collection is a compilation of Italian brands Cappellini, Cassina, Castelli, and Poltrona Frau.

    Leaders in the automotive industry have recognized Poltrona Frau’s leather quality and expertise.

    “The same high-quality leather used to create the Poltrona Frau furniture featured in the Haworth Collection is the same material used in the interiors of luxury vehicles like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Jaguar, and Porsche,” said Dan Tuohy, collections manager at Haworth.  

    Poltrona Frau’s expertise in furniture making is combined with more than 100 years of producing leather. The Italian company’s patented ‘Pelle Frau’ goes through a 21-step tanning process that creates tactile warmth & softness while maintaining contract grade durability resulting in the finest quality full-grain leather.

    In addition to Poltrona Frau furniture, the Haworth Collection luxury lounge will also include select Cappellini, Cassina, and Castelli products.  The Gallery took place on Saturday evening at the MGM Grand Detroit.  

  • Global Design Forum - Santa Monica, CA

    Dates: 04 Dec, 2012 – 31 Jan, 2014

    Haworth’s Santa Monica, California showroom hosted a designer panel discussion about the “Global Language of Design.” Panelists included Giulio Cappellini, architect and contemporary designer for trend-setting Cappellini Furniture; Stanley Felderman, pioneer of the “total design concept” and partner of Contract Magazine’s Best Office of 2011; and Pam Light, Senior Vice President of HOK and award-winning interior designer. The discussion was moderated by Susan S. Szenasy, Editor in Chief of METROPOLIS Magazine.

    The showroom welcomed guests from San Francisco to Seattle for an evening of inspiring stories and insightful design methods. Giulio Cappellini, for example, commented on his company’s commitment to design: “Cappellini believes in long sellers vs. best sellers. We stand behind our products even if we only sell a few per year. It is our true design commitment to an idea.

  • LTB at Orgatec 2012

    Dates: 31 Dec, 2012 – 31 Jan, 2014

    Haworth presents enhancements to its LTB lounge furniture range at Orgatec 2012. LTB mixes home comfort with office furnishings and addresses emerging work styles, which stem from increased worker mobility, collaboration, and impromptu meetings.

    Enhancements to the LTB furniture range include additional choice of seat depths, reversible symmetrical armrests and shared armrests, an optional comfort upholstery, small round tables, bookcases with integrated screens, and a light, easy-to-use vertical dimension for partitioning. Additionally, small mobile stools on castors and a new Solo chair will complement the range. The Solo chair aims to reduce visual and audible distractions, making it the ideal spot for a quick phone call or a quiet break.

    The office is no longer the sole location to welcome customers and meet with colleagues. In becoming more mobile, employees have to find new places to work, engage guests, and collaborate with groups. As new working habits are developed, organisations must adapt by reconsidering the use of public areas and the relative distribution of working environments. LTB naturally blends into, and extends, areas that historically were not often used as a workspace, such as: airport lounges, campus common rooms, hotel lobbies or company hallways.

    Dedicated to collaborative spaces, LTB debuted at Orgatec 2010. Its versatility is evident in the wide scope of applications it can create including reflective, dynamic or interactive collaboration. LTB echoes the name of the designers Le Téo & Blet while also conjuring up associations with the people who are at the very heart of the work performance: Living, Thinking, Being together at work.

  • Shetland Now Orderable

    Dates: 30 Dec, 2012 – 31 Jan, 2014

    The Shetland can be an active, responsive rocker or a simple bench that provides a casual, playful and interactive seating option for impromptu collaboration. 

    Created by the Haworth Design Studio for the Haworth Collection, Shetland is light weight, informal, easily reconfigurable low seating.  Shetland encourages multiple, comfortable postures, allowing the body to move and interact. 

    The Shetland is created in wood plyform with walnut veneer or white painted plyform and accented with wool and leather saddle accessories, bringing a natural feeling to spaces.  It allows designers and architects to create iconic spaces when casual seating is needed for collaboration, interaction and minimal guest seating.

    The form and motion of the product promote varied postures and functions to create a level of sophistication and interest within the space.

    All Shetland sales tools will be available fall 2012. Please contact Haworth Collection at 616.393.1000 for more information.  More...

  • NC-B Resonate Displayed in Hospitality Design Magazine

    Dates: 30 Dec, 2012 – 31 Jan, 2014

  • Tulip chair featured on ModernNYC.com

    Dates: 01 Oct, 2012 – 31 Jan, 2014

    Marcel Wander’s Tulip chair continues to draw attention from the contemporary furniture design community. The Cappellini product, which is orderable through the Haworth Collection, was recently featured on ModernNYC.com
  • Design Milk article mentions how Shetland takes us back to our horseback riding days...

    Dates: 01 Oct, 2012 – 31 Jan, 2014

  • Classic Shetland Rides Out of Chicago

    Dates: 01 Oct, 2012 – 31 Jan, 2014

    During NeoCon 2012 in Chicago, the Haworth Collection unveiled the classic Shetland.  The Shetland can be an active, responsive rocker or a simple bench that provides a casual, playful and interactive seating option for impromptu collaboration.

    Created by Haworth Design Studio, Shetland is light weight, informal, easily re-configurable low seating. Shetland encourages multiple, comfortable postures, allowing the body to move and interact.

    The Shetland is created in wood plyform with walnut veneer or white painted plyform and accented with wool and leather saddle accessories, bringing a natural feeling to spaces.  It allows designers and architects to create iconic spaces when casual seating is needed for collaboration, interaction and minimal guest seating.

  • NeoCon 2012

    Dates: 11 – 26 Jun, 2012

    Merchandise Mart, Space 312 - Chicago, Illinois

    Think. See. Do. Connect.



The following contacts are for accredited members of the media:

Julie Smith 616.393.1453
Adam Russo 616.393.1152
Haworth Inc.
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  • CollaborateTM

    An urban-classic meditation on seating, Collaborate is both sophisticated and livable.

  • EncourageTM

    Reminiscent of 1960s design, Encourage uniquely blends timeless beauty with a modern aesthetic. Designed by Albert Holz.

  • BayTM

    Created by the Haworth Design Studio, with simplicity and confidence, Bay is refined to its very essence.


    Designed by Cahterine Le Téo and Thierry Bley, this Infinitely imaginative collaborative lounge gives rise to countless settings and moods.